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Small Group Name: Open Thursdays

Small Group Description: This is a place to make and create community. Our doors will be open to any college age kids that just want to hang. We may have food, and we may not. Bring food, don't bring food. Bring people, or don't bring people. Let's be honest, we are college kids all trying to make it on a budget, and we're all pretty unpredictable, we get it, so bear with us. We want to create a culture of openness and a community to surround ourselves with in the midst of it. You never know what to expect here, but join the party.

Leader: Andrea Sparkman

Meets on: Thursdays

Time: 7:00-11:00pm (Come and go as you please)

Address: 2946 Primrose Circle, Nashville, TN 37212 USA

Hub: Students

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